Campaign of the Month: August 2019

Into the Gathering Dark

Caught Red-handed

Late August 9:23 Dragon

Fleeing from Orzammar to escape the Carta the party is separated. Aedan Hunt, Dain, and Lyria try to make their way out of the mountains towards Lake Calenhad. With the lake finally in sight, they stumble across Carta Lyrium smuggling operation. As the party watches Carta members and a Dwarf trader argue over a small box, Templars attack. Seeing an opportunity, the intrepid adventurers wade into the fray, turning on the Templars. After a hard struggle the Templars are killed and the Carta are driven off or dead. With the fight won, our heroes have little time to rest as the bodies of the fallen come back to life. Grabbing the mysterious box and as much Lyrium as they can the party makes their escape on the trader's wagon.


I like the layout of your site – simple and easy to navigate – good work.

Caught Red-handed

Thanks, Gianca. I’m glad you like it.

Caught Red-handed
Pytheas Pytheas

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